I sometimes said im from America or somewhere else but not thailand as a meme in channel.
Because mostly locals see me as tourist and try to have a coversation with me in english which I find it nice and i want to see how ppl will treat me as tourist and the fact that i don't want to translate Thai to English for my viewer.
Yes, I stream 5 days a week and 7hr average per stream, so i guess i dont have time for anything else
I'm a mixed race Thai - French
Born and raised at Bangkok, Thailand
I work as graphic/web designer at Thai's corporate.
I did start part time streaming while im still working there and then decide to quite my job and become fulltime streamer when i had 50 average viewer and no money.
Thai & English
I speak English with Thai accent that might be hard to understand for new people, but believe me, you will find its more easy to understand by the time pass. Some of pronunciation is very hard for me.
My birthday is August 13th
Only in Asia so far, I have been visit :
  • Cambodia
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • China
  • Macao
  • Hongkong
168 cm or 5.5 feet
First stream in November 2018, and got partner in October 2019
Most of the time i do IRL stream but will be some PC stream time to time just chilling and play game with chat
I stream with Samsung Note 10+ phone with 1 simcard and selfie stick
I have 2.5 cats